Kumi Ansah Koi

The Continuing Relevance of Frantz Fanon to Africa in a Context of Globalisation.


This paperidentifies and discusses the relevance of Frantz Fanon’s life, work, and writings to the Algerian independence struggle and particularly to the African liberation movement at large. The paper goes beyond such identification and discussion to highlight the continuing relevance of Frantz Fanon to a still-marginalized Africa that is caught in an intricate web of globalisation and dependency. The colonial question loomed large in the world and times of Frantz Fanon; as did the obnoxious reality of apartheid and racial discrimination. Those monstrous realities are now no more; they are now anachronistic. But Frantz Fanon’s prescription of true Liberation for Africa resonates across time and space and is still very apt remedy for a contemporary Africa that is caught in the intricate web of neo-colonial western dominance that gets by under the euphemistic name of Globalisation. The paper expatiates on the Fanonian concept of liberation and relates that to current African dilemmas and realities in the global context.

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